Windows WINTHERWAX - M Sora


Wooden windows are mostly made of spruce, larch, oak or tropical wood species and are surface treated with synthetic coatings or oils.

In collaboration with Silvaprodukt d.o.o. and research organizations from Slovenia (University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science and Technology), Germany (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Sweden (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden) and Spain (Inspiralia), M SORA developed wooden windows made of Silvapro® thermally modified spruce, which are surface-treated with Silvacera® naturally based wax. Windows, which are protected under registered WINTHERWAX® trademark, were developed in the scope of European project WINTHERWAX and represent a global innovation which is an important milestone in the sustainable development of M SORA company.

  • Windows WINTHERWAX® are the result of local knowledge and successful cooperation of research organizations and companies. This has been confirmed by Puh Certificate of Recognition which is awarded for inventions, development achievements and use of scientific results in the introduction of innovations into economic practice.
  • Windows WINTHERWAX® are made of Slovenian spruce, which is thermally modified with the patented process of thermal modification Silvapro®, which was developed in Slovenia.
  • Windows WINTHERWAX® are surface treated with an environmentally friendly naturally based wax Silvacera®, which was developed in Slovenia.
  • Thermal conductivity of WINTHERWAX® window profiles is 20 % lower compared to spruce profiles, 30 % compared with larch profiles and 50 % compared with oak window profiles.
  • Lifetime of windows WINTHERWAX® is at least comparable with larch windows due to the improved resistance of thermally modified spruce and wax ability to release wood moisture out of windows profiles, whereas their extensive wetting due to exposure to liquid water (rain) is prevented.
  • Oozing of resin out of windows WINTHERWAX® is not present due to preliminary thermal modification of spruce.
  • Colour changes of window profiles are significantly reduced by the addition of pigment in the shade of thermally modified spruce.

More about the WINTHERWAX project and test results can be found in WINTHERWAX Layman´s report and animated movie.

Objects with wooden façade and windows WINTHERWAX® can already be found in Žiri.