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Window upgrades and renovations

M SORA also offers window upgrade and renovation services. Depending on your requirements and the state of your windows you can choose one of the following schemes:

  • total removal of your old windows
  • partial removal of old windows
  • leaving existing window frames in place – this is known as the dry renovation process. Old window sashes are removed, and the old window frames are re-done with wood masks. As a general rule walls, window openings and faces are not damaged in the process.

Minor wall and reveal damage can occur when old windows are partially or totally removed, which, however, can be easily fixed through masonry and/or plaster plates.

Advantages of window installation with blind frames

  • Because the windows are built into the building after the construction work has been finished there is no damage and the windows are clean.
  • Before the windows are installed the building has to be dry so that the wood doesn’t absorb any moisture and the surface coating is damaged.
  • Blind frames ensure extra insulation of window jambs on the outer face, which enhances the building’s insulation qualities.
  • Because delivery times for blind frames are short masonry work can be carried out without delays.
  • Installation does not require any additional finishing on the inner face.
  • Blind frame installation is strongly recommended when installing larch windows because this sensitive wood does not darken uniformly when lime is used.