Glass - M Sora


Glass is a valuable layer between the inside and outside. This is one of the key elements of achieving comfort in a room, as it provides the basic function of the window, on one hand and on another, takes care of a number of other important effects - from obscuring the views to saving
energy and noise protection.

Glass gluing

Using the glass gluing technique, the glass is glued to the sash along the entire edge. The weight of the glass is thus transferred and evenly distributed on all four sides of the profile. The sash with glued glass remains stable and sags less due to good weight transfer. Glued glass is also one of the requirements of the RC2 security level recommended by the police. In case of glass damage, it can be quickly and safely replaced on site. The glazing slats are removed, the glue is cut out and new glass is re-glued to the sash. Due to the stability of the wing thus obtained, additional steel reinforcements, which are good thermal conductors, can be omitted for large elements and glass-fiber-reinforced plastic can be used instead for reinforcement.