Window accessories - M Sora
Let us choose together the right glazing for your windows from a wide variety of alternatives.
Glass railings
In a discreet way, we achieve safety standards against falls into the depths with glass railings, which in an elegant way enable the installation of panoramic glazing extending all the way from floor to ceiling, even in the upper floors.
We particularly recommend larch, as it tends to be the best choice for windows: it is heavy, strong and has an exceptional life span; and its natural color is particularly beautiful.
Standard equipment with M SORA windows includes top quality hardware by Roto, a well-known European manufacturer.
Window handles
A wide selection of handles offers you the option of classic or completely modern handles that will complete the image of the window.
Cross bars
M SORA offers a selection of cross bars.
Roller blinds
Good blinds enable us to totally darken a room, provide excellent sound and heat insulation, and protect us against both the elements and unwanted views.
These provide room darkening and serve a decorative role as well. They are made of horizontal aluminum slats, and a variety of slat widths and colours are available.
Insect screen
Spend evenings at the open door and enjoy the freshness without worrying about unwanted insects, with the help of insect screens that protect the interior.
Zip screen
The most discreet shading system with translucent fabrics that offer a sophisticated play between light transmission and protection against glare, heat and exterior views.
Shutters are a traditional means of shading and darkening a room, an office or the home; and in some cases they are irreplaceable protection against the elements and burglaries.
Window sills
A wide selection of interior (wood, marble, granite) and exterior (aluminum, marble, granite) window sills can enhance both window appearance and functionality.