BIM ArchiCAD - M Sora


We have prepared a BIM library of our eight most common types of windows (Nature 3, Nature passive, Comfort 3, Comfort 3Q, Comfort 3QL, Comfort E112, Comfort E92, Comfort Passive).

  • Nature 3
    Nature 3
  • Nature Passive
    Nature Passive
  • Comfort 3
    Comfort 3
  • Comfort 3Q
    Comfort 3Q
  • Comfort 3QL
    Comfort 3QL
  • Comfort E112
    Comfort E112
  • Comfort E92
    Comfort E92
  • Comfort Passive

    Comfort Passive

Access to BIM library is available on . Below you can find english window template which enables you to make automatic order list of all windows inside your project. Video with more precise installation instructions can be found on web-page (M SORA okna).