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Front doors

Wooden and wood-aluminium entrance doors


Doors are a part of life. We encounter them daily, belong to them, view them, touch them many times, open them with respect, expectation, reservation and curiosity, hide behind them or unveil with them ...

Having a door means having a home, safety, a place of belonging. Doors invite us to pass through them, they are a pathway from cradle to grave. We gain them as we are born and pass through them symbolically to the great beyond. Open doors represent opportunity and hope and closed doors mean privacy, a sense of peace or disappointment and feeling constrained.

Doors are linked to the natural need to arrange and delineate space. The oldest doors were made of wood, they were massive and had no paintings or carvings.

The best contemporary entrance doors are minimalistic, with clean lines, made from high-quality wood composite materials. The key features of contemporary entrance doors are heat and sound insulation and the domestic feel brought about by the warmth of wood.

Wooden and wood-aluminium entrance doors can contribute to the attractiveness of a space without forcing themselves upon it. The use of various types of wood and different colours can achieve special aesthetic highlights.
Enjoy nature in its finest form through the rich textures of wood, which are either transversal or longitudinal.

Perhaps entrance doors from the catalogue will inspire you and lead you to an insight about the doors of your life. Through your door you'll enter into life, travel through it and into the future.

Author: Mag. Polona Sketelj