History - M Sora


The Ziri Farming Cooperative was founded in 1948 around the purchase of agricultural and forestry products. Over the course of decades the company has evolved and adapted to new technologies, production practices, and the ever-changing business environment.

Since our very beginnings and up until very recently, banking represented a major component in the company’s business equation; in 2002 all of these operations were assumed by NKBM Bank.


Milestones in the development of the M SORA brand:

1965 – commercial operations begin

1970 – expands co-operative banking services

1980 – joins Mercator Ljubljana; today three of our stores are Mercator franchises.

1985 – acquires Joinery Ziri; today one of Slovenia's leading manufacturers of windows and doors

1990 – launches hardware wholesale

2000 – acquires 100% proprietary share of Norica, Ltd., Radovljica

2001 – opens door/window hardware showroom in Ljubljana

2002 – opens new hardware showroom and warehousing facility in Ziri; due to new banking legislation, banking services assumed by NKBM Bank

2005 – construction work at the Joinery's new production facility in Ziri begins

2006 – new company M SORA d.d. is established

2007 – new production facility of M SORA Joinery opens

2007 – M SORA Prishtina established

2009 – M SORA research and development group established

2009 – registred frst patent in M SORA

2011 – got award »Zelena misija« for window  COMFORT E92

2012 – start building new business-storage facility building Norica (sells hardware)

2013 – M SORA Fenster GmbH subsidiary established

2014 – M SORA Finestre s.r.l. subsidiary established