CE mark is an abbreviation of French word "Conformité Européene". With CE mark M SORA company guarantee, that the products are legally put on market and fulfil requirements of European Union regulations and European standards.

ift-FEM certifikat

M SORA acquired the ift-FEM certificate for calculating thermal transmittance of window frames (Uf) according to European standard EN 10077-2. The certificate was granted by the German ift institute in Rosenheim in 2014. Uf values are calculated using WinIso 2D professional software, one of the basic characteristics required for CE marking and calculating a window’s thermal transmittance (Uw). To date, M SORA is the first only company in Slovenia to gain the certificate.

PHI certificate for passive windows

M SORA holds three Passivhaus Institut certificates for timber windows Nature Optimo XLT and Nature E112 and timber-aluminium window Comfort E112.