Company - M Sora


M SORA is active in a number of fields: in the production and installation of doors and windows, as well as in the wholesale of materials for the manufacture of doors and windows. The company is also active in the sale of construction materials and reproductive material for agriculture; and in the sale (wholesale and retail) of hardware, household appliances and foodstuffs.

Owners: KGZ M SORA z.o.o., employees and grangers.

M SORA has six subsidiary companies: M SORA Prishtina, M SORA Tirana, M SORA Skopje, M SORA Zagreb, M SORA Fenster, M SORA Finestre

In today’s increasingly competitive environment we are committed than ever to delivering only the highest quality products and services, which is built on years of experience, constant development, the best raw materials and flawless craftsmanship. Similarly, we well understand the value of trust and integrity in all of our dealings with customers, business partners and suppliers.