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Dedicated research and development, a broad knowledge of traditional materials and craftsmanship, and a respect for quality design and architecture make M SORA a very special company.

M SORA windows are made exclusively from the highest quality Slovenian wood, harvested from the country’s expansive pristine forests and processed using only the most advanced and environmentally friendly technology available today.

There are a lot of windows out there on the market, many of them good. Yet no other window delivers on all of the important promises like M SORA: saving you energy and money, serving you well for years, even decades, making your home a more beautiful and functional place, naturally; and putting a smile of genuine satisfaction on your face.

M SORA Virtual stand was made with cooperation of Biro Kalan for Passive House Institute web conference. Making the VR presentation was part of project Amadeus, which is cofinanced by public agency Spirit and Slovenian Ministry for economic development and technology.

Link for short video presentation form mobile users. 

Windows are not just a piece of furniture. They are our connection to the outside world and in most cases the only real breathing component of our apartment. Windows frame our view of the world and bring fresh wind into our home.

Wood windows are always a great choice. Wood windows breathe, save energy, give space a noble appearance and can even live longer than we do as far as duration is concerned. Each M SORA window goes through a complex and carefully controlled assembly process that transforms your windows into the source of a pleasant and healthy stay; thanks to these windows your space will  obtain optimal brightness and energy efficiency.

A panoramic window brings light into your home; it instantly inspires and links you with the great outdoors. Panoramic windows are also an effective means to improve the quality of life because they enhance the mood, minimize lack of space problems and provide a better use of space.

In the last years, we have been entrusted by many owners of residential houses and commercial buildings. We are proud that our windows, doors and panoramic walls provide comfort and protect many homes in Slovenia and abroad.

Watch M SORA presentation video.